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For over half a century, three generations produced and sold the most delicious chocolate products to mainly Belgian consumers. Now the time has come to start on a new chapter, a chapter in which we explore the export market and present our refined products to the rest of the world.



Confiserie Elise was founded in Antwerp in 1964 by Elisabeth Michiels and Alfons Van den Broeck. In those days the products consisted mainly of marzipan or chocolate-covered marzipan. They were finished manually and with the greatest of care.



In 1993 the third generation of the firm moved to Sint-Gillis-Waas, where Patrick De Smet and Katerien Alibertis successfully continued the tradition of craftsmanship and quality.



As of 1980 the focus shifted chiefly to other chocolate products, such as mendiants, orangettes and, of course, pralines. The business grew steadily.

team Chocelise


At the end of 2016 the firm was sold to Yves Servotte who, with his colleagues, began a new chapter in the firm’s history, involving intensive product innovation and internationalisation.

Artisanal Production

Today Confiserie Elise still uses traditional methods to make the various chocolate products with pure and natural ingredients. The cocoa mass consists of exclusively pure cocoa butter and is not cut with other fats.

The products are finished by hand with the necessary subtlety. Every production batch is custom finished and our fillings are made up and approved by our master chocolatier himself.

Our production processes comply with HACCP standards and we have been IFS certified for a few years. Our smaller batches make it possible to be very flexible in catering to the customers’ wishes.


Belgian Chocolate

Confiserie Elise hereby confirms that it works exclusively with Belgian chocolate and is a signatory of the Belgian Chocolate Code. The appellation “Belgian chocolate” means that all the processes, from mixing, refining and conching the chocolate to those carried out in the production of Elise confectionery, have been carried out in Belgium.


I actually fell for you before

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Charming Chocolates

Chocolate products have charmed the taste buds of consumers worldwide since time immemorial. It all started many centuries ago with Central American cultures like the Aztecs and Mayas, but nowadays chocolate can be found almost all over the world.
From Elise’s perspective, however, chocolate should bring more than just physical enjoyment, it should fill consumers with good feelings too. It should be “Good for body & soul”.
And that is very possible, thanks to our commitment to a sustainable supply chain. We give part of our profits to the Cocoa Horizon programme to finance development projects for women cocoa farmers. Thanks to the honest price and additional support they receive via the programme, they are better able to develop their local businesses.

Our project in Oupoyo

In particular, we are supporting a project in the Ivory Coast, in the village of Oupoyo.
7 female cocoa farmers are encouraged and supported in their entrepreneurship. They receive targeted training to improve the revenue of their land by introducing them to “crop combination”. This gives them a better and more stable income throughout the year, allowing them to send their children to school.

Our founder was a woman and now we want to contribute to supporting female entrepreneurship in the cocoa plantations. The Elisette range and the LovUbox make a very specific contribution to this programme.
Chocolates charming the body & soul …