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For more than half a century, three generations were ready to offer the best chocolate products, especially to the Belgian consumer. Now a new chapter is starting, in which we stimulate exports to present our refined products to the world.


Confiserie Elise was founded in 1964 in Antwerp by Elisabeth Michiels and Alfons Van den Broeck. At that time, marzipan products and chocolateed marzipan were mainly made, which were finished manually with the utmost care.


In 1993, the third generation moved the company to Sint-Gillis-Waas and Patrick De Smet and Katerien Alibertis successfully continued the tradition of craftsmanship and quality.


From 1980 onwards, the focus was mainly on other chocolate products such as student oats, orange bars … and chocolates.


At the end of 2016, the company will be sold to Yves Servotte, who, in collaboration with the Elise team, will take the company to a new chapter, through a thorough product innovation and internationalization.

Artisanal Production

Confiserie Elise is still a producer today who manufactures the various chocolate products in a traditional way with pure and natural ingredients. The chocolate mass consists only of pure cocoa butter and is not cut with other fats.

The products are finished by manual labour with the necessary subtlety. Each production batch is tailormade tackled and our fillings are personally composed and approved by the “maître chocolatier”.

In addition, our production is running according to HACCP standards and we have been IFS certified for a few years. Our smaller batches allow to respond very flexibly to the customer’s wishes.

Belgian Chocolate

Confiserie Elise confirms that she only works with Belgian chocolate and has signed the Code in this regard. Belgian chocolate means that the entire production process of mixing, refining, confecting has been carried out on Belgian soil and that the further processing of the chocolate in the Elise products has only taken place in Belgium.

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Charming Chocolates

Chocolate products have long charmed the taste buds of consumers worldwide. Originally among the Central American cultures of the Aztecs and Mayans many centuries back, today in almost every place in the world.
But for Elise, chocolate as a stimulant means more than just taste sensation. The product should also give the consumer a warm feeling. “Good for body & soul”.
And we do this through our commitment to a sustainable supply chain for certain of our products such as the Elisette range and the LovUbox. The aim is to extend this initiative step by step to our full range. We are giving up a lot of our profits by participating very specifically in the ‘Cocoa Horizon’ programme and focusing on projects for cocoa farmers. Because they can develop their local activities better by a fair price and additional support.

Our project in Oupoyo

More specifically, we support a project in Côte d’Ivoire in the village of Oupoyo. There, 7 cocoa farmers are stimulated in their entrepreneurship and receive a targeted training. They learn to be trained to improve the yield of their land by working with ‘combination cultivation’. This gives them a more stable income throughout the year and additional resources to send their children to school.

Our founder was a woman. Today we want to do our bit to support female entrepreneurship in cocoa plantations
Chocolates charming the body & soul …