Elise’s Choice

From: 36,04

One box contains minimum 3 pre-packed praline boxes . Make your choice from the different options. Of course it may also be 3 times the same, or more. With whom are you going to share them? … Or keep them all yourself… It’s all possible. You share, … we share with Cocoa Horizons. …

  • Sweat Hearts 350g

    A mixture of 4 filled hearts wrapped in foil. Milk-praliné/ White-Pistachio/ Pure-Raspberry and Pure-Caramel

    14,84 each
  • Fruit and Nuts 335g

    An exceptional combination of orange Pure, chocolate-coated hazelnuts MILK, and WHITE mixed fruit and nuts

  • Gold Box 375g

    A mix of exclusive gold-packed, cube-shaped milk chocolate pralines with the following taste sensations: salty caramel, hazelnut paste and pieces of nougat

    15,90 each
  • Classic 350g

    The classic pralines such as manon, cherry, stuffed walnut, chocolate-coated marzipan, stuffed cork, buche caramel...

    14,84 each
  • Truffle Mix 250g

    A delicious blend of the classic flaky truffles pure/milk and white

  • Elistettes 350g

    An exclusive combination of fine Elisettes, with a selection of milk chocolate filled with soft praline, and dark chocolate filled with salted caramel.

    13,78 each


For every 1kg box you buy, you will get a free loose praline box + a QR card.

For every 1kg you buy, €0.5 will go towards to projects women cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast. When you buy more than one box however, you will get:

  • 2 boxes: a free interactive colouring titled ‘From cocoa bean to chocolate’.
  • 3 or more boxes: free interactive colouring book + extra empty praline box + extra QR card

*all combinations possible, only for purchases through the webshop.